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Shanghai | HotelFebruary 28, 2012

I am too Sexy for my Bathtub

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After a long day of shopping in Shanghai I really need a break.

Will go for a massage , a long bath and after , the night is long. I feel like enjoying myself.

At the superb spa entrance close to the magnificent 1900 style pool , two short ladies in a white uniform are waiting for me with a pair of slippers, a Jasmine pearl tea, a large glass of water and homemade cinnamon cookies . I put on a comfy robe and head to my Winter Energizer  massage.

Unfortunately I cannot free myself totally although pampered with sweet osmanthus flowers  as I am scheduled for a phone conference in one hour with New York and I am not sure I will be able to stay long in that beautiful bathroom .

Exfoliated 'til my soul with Espa flower rituals ,  I am now ready for my meeting I take advantage of the time I still have to enjoy my  luxurious 1930 bedroom suite. A fruit basket is set on the table with a bottle of Champagne on an ice bucket and a few chocolate delicacies. On the wall I realize I can choose the humidity and temperature of the room through an ultramodern thermostat.

Lights are on a dimmer and I decide to create for myself a pleasant and sensual ' mood" before I step into the blue wall to wall carpet of the immense  Mahogany walking closet upholstered with light blue silk and chinese motifs wall lamps shades.

The I-pod  on a well designed station by the window is playing " lady sings the blues" . The view of Shanghai by night  at my feet is just spectacular. I want the same tune to be played in the bathroom.

Grabbing the small remote control and choose a new age channel on the small High Definition TV facing the bathtub, Light an aromatic candle laying at the edge of the impressive Marrara Emperador  brown marble slab countertop. Bath salts , and there you go the water is falling from a large impeccably  polished chromed faucet  adorned by a line of small lights into the sophisticated  jacuzzi  like a waterfall . Freshly watered aromatic towels are displayed  in rolls by my side in case I need extra refreshment

The noise is pleasant, calming, the overall adjusted surrounding temperature is just perfect and as I enter slowly into the water the music is my loyal companion for our waltz . I stop  moving ,  deeply breath for a few minutes, admire the beauty of  of an orchid on the sink and slowly without noticing I gently close my eyes.

The expected phone expectedly rings. I don't know what to do. Shall I take it? I decide to fall in the call of duty. I pick up.  Suddenly I realize that all sounds of the water, music, TV are completely nulled. Yes my friends, the person on the other side apparently  does not notice I am  in a bathtub. Wow~  It's called the ' business mode automatic button"

From now on my meetings will take place right here , at the bathtub of the Peninsula in shanghai.

Dress up in 15 minutes, my evening will start with a signature cocktail at the Compass bar,  ,  followed by a delicious dinner  in a private room at Sir Elli's over a breathtaking view, ending at the elegant Salon de Ning reassempling of a 1930 house in Shanghai. I feel sexy .

And tomorrow ready to shop.

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The hotel:  The Peninsula Shanghai 

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