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Shanghai | Hotel | TravelMay 2, 2012

My personal Aviation Lounge

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At my beautiful suite of the Peninsula hotel Shanghai  overlooking the hectic financial district skyline of Pudong, I realize how privileged I am  to appreciate that view from not that far and at the same time be on the side of the Yangtze river that offers the best environment to  practice my morning of Tai Chi at down and shop for the most sophisticated  brands new collections at the lobby of the hotel.

Like in every large modern city, traffic drives you mad and distances are a nightmare. The beauty of this place, is that I have the illusion to be everywhere with the speed of a glance at the same time.

On my desk next to my laptop an envelope with my name handwritten on it in a charming Chinese wooden lunch box filled with chocolates and homemade French pastries. It's an invitation from  the charming and elegant  Cecilia Liu head  PR of the Peninsula to visit the most exclusive venue the hotel offers at the 14th floor of the building. The Rosamonde Aviation Lounge. 

Delighted with the invitation I call Cecilia  and agree to meet her at the lobby in 15 minutes. On my way in to the lounge, I realize that I am jumping straight into a world of adventure and romance experienced by the air traveller of the 1930, and a celebration of Chinese aviation history.

Throughout the the Rosamunde, I am discovering the history of commercial aviation in Shanghai in the 1930, with the development of CNAC, and EURASIA and other fascinating highlights of China's aviation history through historical photos, posters, books original memorabilia and charming models.

As I enter the dining room with leather chairs, a spectacular world map is displayed showcasing time zones, the pioneering international air routes of Imperial Airways and Pan American Airways that connected Shanghai to the world in 1936 and the emerging domestic air routes in China.

Most impressive is the prominent full-size replica of a 1930 CNAC Loening Ait Yaght Amphibian , the Anking one of the six that were flown on CNAC s air routes in China beginning in 1929. I am invited to enter the beautiful piece of art and experience in person what was like to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, enjoy unique photos opportunities and sit in the luxurious appointed cabin, or by invitation sit on the pilot's seat and take  the controls.

The Rosamunde , is also an exquisite dining , cocktail or meeting venue, may be reserved for exclusive corporate celebrations board meetings receptions and other important occasions. A Heliport is being prepared once the Chinese authorities will allow air transportation over the city.

My Lychee Martini is almost over and I am ready to fly!

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