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Shanghai | TravelMay 15, 2012

So Long Shanghai

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My  last 10 days in Shanghai have been extraordinary.  I have experienced almost everything I needed to understand the immense variety of cultural life and stimuli that the city offers.

At the end of my stay I chose to post a selection of photos from  that I gathered  around the web , magazines, books , journals and and travel brochures with the intent of preparing my trip, as I always do before I travel to a different country. sometimes it takes years until I finally feel I am ready to go for the adventure and discovery. It's just as I felt I had already been there somehow through my vast research and as a consequence , in most places throughout the world, I feel naturally a  little bit at home.

In the super fast train that is taking me to Beijing in just a few hours, I  compare those with the ones I have taken and the experiences I have felt.

Many of those experiences are similar to the ones pictured in my visual composition, but I realize that much more  still needs to be discovered yet  , as Shanghai, the "  Pearl of the Orient " ,  is moving fast  and growing at the speed that  none  imagine .

I had the opportunity to check the old and the contemporary side by side, the luxury and the swamp, the beauties and the beasts of the financial world, the technological and the spiritual, the architectural  heights and the grounded temples or should I say the nights of temples and the grounded architecture?   oh my.....

Shanghai so long.....on my way to come back soon.

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All photos on this post are not mine, I have collected them during the years and no longer have credits for them.

If you are the author of any of those , please come forward and let me know I will be glad to insert your credit or remove it if I need to. Thank you.

Old Man, Watch , Eric Lafforgue 

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