An Interview with the Coolest Design Duo in Milan

by Joelle

Like every year at Milan Design Week, all eyes are on them: the coolest design duo in Milan. Better known as DimoreStudio, Emiliano Salci and Britt Moranhave expanded with the brand’s latest evolution, DimoreMilano.

“DimoreStudio is still the design studio dedicated to interiors, boutiques, homes, hotels, and restaurants, but this January we launched DimoreMilano as a brand for furniture and decor, distinguished by a three-dimensional D, which harks back to the old furniture design logos of the 60’s and 70’s.”

With their latest addition to the Dimore family, Emiliano and Britt leave the gates of their home in Via Solferino for the first time at Fuorisalone 2019. Ready to present a new brand alongside their signature stylings, DimoreMilano takes to the stage in an exclusive outdoor location: the former Cinema Arti building — Casa Opera Balilla in the 1930’s — of Via Mascagni in the San Babila neighborhood.

Joining us to talk about their recent projects is Emiliano Salci, creative half of the dynamic duo and stellar cowboy of furniture and interiors from “another era”, whose signature lacquers, brass, velvets, and mirrors are remixed in a contemporary fusion with a passion for the 60’s and 70’s. With gold Saint Laurent boots, jeans, a Prada belt, and a vintage Adidas sweatshirt, Salci’s exuberant personality is marked with an unmistakable Tuscan accent.

Your ability to absorb and represent a contemporary spirit extends well beyond interiors and furniture, which has made you a kind of inspiration for new attitudes and tastes.

Let’s say that Dimore is a way of living, from music to fashion and beyond… It’s about entering a world that draws on an era or period that is then consistently contaminated. I’ve never carried on the 60’s in a pure sense: there’s always that 50% of the 60’s, which is then modified. That’s what makes Dimore special.

It seems that beyond Dimore’s penchant for furniture and interior design, there’s also the strength of your personalities. Fashion seems to run in your blood!

Fashion is fun for me. Fashion is fundamental, because its part of the culture. I’m always inspired by runway shows and colors. For this new collection we’re presenting at the Salone, I was incredibly inspired by Paris. I was thinking about Celine’s latest show: super 60’s, marvelous, and luxurious, but wearable — sexy without being vulgar.

Cover photos courtesy: Paola Pansini for Architectural Digest

Source: Elle Decor


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