Cala Cartoe Beach

by Joelle


Cala Cartoe BeachCala Cartoe beachCala Cartoe rocksCala CartoeCala Cartoe BeachCala Cartoe BeachCala Cartoe BeachCala Cartoe Beach

Cala Cartoe beach (Spiaggia Cala Cartoe), with its white sands and crystal clear waters, certainly deserves a spot in the list of most beautiful beaches of Sardinia and perhaps even on planet Earth. The beach is located just south of Marina di Orosei and Cala Osala di Dorgali, 4 kilometers off the SS 125 main road.

Surrounded by rocks, overlooking the Gulf of Orosei, its waters are quite shallow, which makes the beach of Cala Cartoe perfectly suitable for children.

It can be Cala easily be reached via highway SS 125. Just before Dorgali, turn to the direction of the Ispinigoli cave (featuring the tallest stalagmite of the world) and keep heading east. Then turn to the direction of Tinnipereddu.

My recommendation?

Stay at the Su Gologone Experience hotel and drive from there for about an hour. Spend the day, rent an ombrellone and sundeck chairs, the hotel will prepare you the most delicious picnic with a bottle of Cannonao wine, home made bread carasau with pecorino cheese, grapes and dolci Sardi ( Sardinian sweets). Then jump in the green astonishing waters surrounded by millennial rocks.

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