Mykonos blu

by Joelle

Life at times can be very challenging and all of us without exemptions need certain escapes to find comfort and a warm regenerative pause. Some find it in food, in smoke others with on-line Social Media chatting with friends on comfortable corner sofas through last generation laptop screens and sophisticated technological devices .

Mine has always been my bedroom bed where, in a methodical procedure ,I first crawl in a foetal posture, meditate and quickly like a baby fall in a deep blue sleep. In my bed, sheets must be extremely tight on each side so that I can trap myself like in a prison of a fresh or warm, depending on the season, cocooning nest.

Many have laughed at the way I tuck myself in or make my bed. The composition of sheets and pillows must look maniacally impeccable, untouched, pristine and absolutely welcoming. Before I go to sleep, all doors, drawers, lights, room furniture and clothes must be neatly arranged back in their respective places if they also needed rest. If they’ll rest, I’ll rest. as

Needless saying that I spend considerable amount of time organizing my environment before I let my natural defenses fall on me. No wander why as soon as I am found under my sheets, it takes no more than a few minutes to drop like a rock in my restorative sleep. What a comfort my friends ! The illusion of a world falling apart around me will not have the slight effect anymore, once I am comfortably organized for my sleep .

This is why, when I pick a hotel or a friend’s home before traveling , the room , the bed, and the surrounding energy are absolutely fundamental for the success of my temporary visit. The size of the room is never important to me, all that matters is the attention to detail, the view , the cleanliness, the creativity and the previous understanding of what could be my needs during my stay .The appropriate sensibility transcended in a touch of grace.

Having said that my luggage is waiting for the decision of which will be my elected room during my stay here in the worldwide famous resort.

I have a wide choice among the several among the Island Bungalows built in the typical sugar-cubes shape and grouped in small clusters on the gently sloped sub-tropical garden where date palms, giant agaves and large cacti grow.

On the tour with the top Vip Guest relations, I notice pretty Roses climbing the natural stone walls, as if straining upwards for a view from the blue balconies. A cool elegance prevails all around, a reminder of the pure atmosphere of Cyclades islands. I am sensing that the decision of my choice will be tough.

The Cycladic-style bungalows are clustered in small groups throughout the gardens. Aegean-inspired decoration, cool and stylish mirrors the island’s mystique.

The romantic bed is draped in filmy voile is laid with cool white sheets and masses of soft pillows. There are hand-sculpted light fixtures, while the sky-coloured stucco ceiling features a dreamy cloud effect. Spacious bathroom, which in most guestrooms features polished stone shower in a carved recess with inset phototherapy. ” I love it but still….need to see more please” I tell the pretty manager.

I walk a little more towards a private deluxe Vip area . Perfectly secluded amid lush greenery, there are two lavish and magnificent Island Bungalows which are a special class of deluxe accommodations offered by Mykonos Blu—the perfect solution for a couple like us with maybe one child.

Island Bungalows with Sharing Pool offer a spacious bedroom with lounge area, dressed in the cool Cycladic colors—swirls of turquoise and sapphire against the champagne-colored foam of the sea. Elegant bathrooms with exclusive toiletries and premium-weave bathrobes pamper and soothe.

I can see myself Indulging a quiet mood on the shaded terrace or enjoy the holiday-mood by the sharing pool—a great place to meet for morning coffee or a night-cap with maybe a few friends. Those Island Bungalows, i learn, are available with connecting doors.

Wow, I am almost deciding to stay but my sixth sense tells me there is something more, something spectacular, maybe hidden treasure….

” Is that all? I ask the Greek attractive young woman in blue skirt , white impeccable shirt and a nextel on her hand . ‘Yes,Misses Oster, I think I might have what seems to suit you , please follow me.”

I have visited one more Junior Suite with private infinity pools but the unique indoor pool is the ultimate extravagance in Mykonos Blu’s remarkable setting.

Aegean inspired romantic décor with canopy beds draped in filmy fabrics filtering the sun’s rays through the half-open shutters. It’s a fusion of the traditional and the contemporary, built in the Cycladic vernacular: thick walls, graceful archways using rock and rough-rendered cement but adding all modern conveniences, exclusive toiletries pamper you in the stylish bathroom.

I soak up the sun on my private terrace, I will later dip into my infinity-edged private pool with panoramic views. I can certainly picture in my mind an imaginative room service that will transform my private veranda, shaded by a bamboo-screen roof, into a private dining room.

” Yes, It’s indeed very convenient and cozy, I’ll take this one, please be kind to have my luggage brought in, thank you my dear. ”


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