Sleep Chic in a NYC Yelo Cab

by Joelle




Sleep Chic in a NYC Yelo Cab

Sleep Chic in a NYC Yelo Cab



Sleep Chic in a NYC Yelo Cab Sleep Chic in a NYC Yelo Cab

Sleep Chic in a NYC Yelo Cab  Sleep Chic in a NYC Yelo Cab  Sleep Chic in a NYC Yelo Cab

I am jet lagged from my last three day trip in London.

The holiday season is stressing me, on top of everything I’ve got a dehydrating flu that is not allowing me to concentrate — half of the day I am nauseated with an upset stomach, and and the other I am coughing. At night I am completely focused thinking, during the day I am in an irritated mood and in a disoriented dream state.  Something’s wrong here!

Fatigued and mildly depressed, I look through the window.  It’s snowing outside. “Extreme Weather” is the NY1 headline on TV, I see a pale reporter giving suggestions about how to fight the winter blues: exercise, a specific diet and a beam of white light on the face… I dream of a  small city in Brazil where I used to go spend my weekends by the sea. But now I am in New York City and I have very important tasks to accomplish this month ,  I must be productive until my next trip. What could be the solution to be successfully rested?

Before putting my Mac in the “sleep mode,” I check my last e-mail and suddenly a colorful picture captures my attention. It’s a reclining chair surrounded with a beam of orange light and a title that says “Nap your way to the top”. Gosh, I’d like to lay in there! Where is that chair in heaven? It’s not at N.A.S.A , nor in a plane, or in the future; it’s now, and it’s found at Yelo Spa, very close to my  NYC apartment, and the best part is that I can use it!

I run a few blocks and as soon as I arrive at the bright pink reception desk I am welcomed by a pretty young girl  with a delightful French accent: “Welcome to Yelo wellness and sleep therapy system!”  She introduces me to the treats menu while in a soundless monologue I explain my condition. “What you need Joelle,”- she says – “if I may give you a suggestion, is a good 20 minutes powernap and the Immunity treat.”

” At a reasonable price you’ll participate in our body protection program: Our therapist  (he is already pouring a decaffeinated Cinnamon Chai tea with a smile in a well designed glass cup coming from an even better designed glass bottle that was kept warm by a tea light candle) will stimulate your reflex points including your thymus, spleen and lymphatic system to give you a fighting chance. It’s tough out there!”

The therapist — without a word, just a silent smile — invites me to get acquainted with three different ambiance scents from renowned Essence of Vali aromatherapy   I am now told  about the the essential oil powerful properties of cognitive association with the mood or places I visualize to be at the moment of the treatment. I get it and immediately pick up  CALM whose subtle herbs fragrance reminds me of my childhood in Tuscanyduring the spring when I spent time with my grandmother.

The therapists picks up the diffuser and leads me through a  yellow corridor to my private Yelo Cabine whose purified air is now aromatized for my personal needs. The light therapy, , consists of picking up the right shade of blue, introducing my almost surrendering self to relax in this Matrix-Womb space.

My personal receptionists running after me reminds me I forgot to answer the last questions. She hands me a piece of paper regarding my customized sound selection with the ultimate purpose apparently of stimulating my aural experience. I am asked to choose between Animal sounds, Nature Sounds, Ocean waves, Rain Sounds, Whale Songs, Inner Voyage, Zen, Classic Piano, Classic Opera, Medieval Chants, Nap Soundtrack, White Noise or no music at all.

Here I am finally in the thick, fine leather-cushioned zero gravity Yelo reclining chair especially designed for my legs to be elevated above my heart, allowing it to quietly slow down. The therapist is explains in a soft voice about the reflexology treatment he is going to apply on my feet, neck, shoulder and ears, but I am hardly hearing what he says. I feel totally weightless and starting to relax under a wonderful 500 dollars Umrao Tibetan Cashmere blanket and Ocean waves from somewhere far.

My feet enrolled in wet and warm scented towels with aromatic oils, are under a slight deep pressure, some specific points apparently corresponding to organs, glands and other part of my body are under a process of waking up while I slowly engage myself into what they call the Beta wave sleep.

Some time has passed. I am gently and naturally awakened by a warm yellow sunrise light, I am told scientifically simulated by Yelo LED projector at the back of my chair.

I feel rejuvenated. Capucine gives me my membership card so I will be able to save some time and get in on a self-service base, and a pretty shopping bag all designed by New York’s The Apartment studio with a large container of aromatherapy Sleep bath salts as a gift.

Nicholas Ronco, a former director of the Time Warner marketing division and the founder and CEO and of Yelo, LLC traveled extensively in a quest to learn how different cultures fight stress, fatigue and exhaustion. He experienced reflexology and sleep therapy in Japan and performed volunteer work at an ashram in India, where he realized the importance of quiet centered-ness and pervasive calm.

I am still in New York City, not in Bali nor Maresias, but  I napped myself to the top without moving and feel now very rested.

My I-phone inbox rings:  Orbitz online “Prepare for your next trip Ottawa …


This post is dedicated to Scarlett Nasser my companion on this ultimate  midtown napping experience.


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