Retreat of Indulgence

by Joelle
25 Meters Lap

If you consider coming to the Aman at Summer Palace in the middle of the Winter, you will get  got yourself the best deal as most people believe that  Summer is the high season. What they don’t know is they have the opportunity to experience a 25 meters lap underground pool at the spa day and night just for themselves surrounded with the most experienced staff ready to satisfy any of your desires.

Among the 6 weeks I have spent in China the Spa experience of the Aman at the Summer Palace revealed itself to be one of absolutely one of a kind .

After a long morning walk in the Imperial property or at the Forbidden City, or wanting to get some fresh detox from the long dusty day in the hutongs, this tranquil retreat of indulgence, rejuvenation and multi-sensory respite is the place to be.

Nine self-contained double treatment suites offer relaxation to restore balance and harmony of mind and body. Each Spa Suite is fully-equipped with two vanities, bathtub, a large shower and steam room  of the higher rank and massage room.

Professionally-trained therapists seamlessly blend modern wellness therapies with Imperial Chinese well-being techniques. The traditional Chinese massage uses a blend of acupressure, deep tissue, and stretching to focus on internal organ chi transformation.

A bathtub filled with rose petals for an aromatic bath, surrounded by candles and two stone sculptures of Budhha peacefully overlooking the water  will be waiting for you.

You will be offered either a traditional Thai massage,that consists of rhythmic, oil-free technique in which one of the spa therapist will use  a combination of gentle yoga stretches and pressure-point massage to relieve tension and leave your muscles deeply relaxed.

Or, If you choose so, the gemstone body therapy relieving stiffness and soreness by gliding smooth, warmed gemstones across the body in long, flowing strokes is a wonderful option too.

The spa offers a variety of baths which utilize different ingredients with different effects upon the body . Due to the staff availability I could  experience most of all the treatment;  invigorating facials, manicures, pedicures,  body scrubs and wraps that refreshed and renewed my body.

The green tea & ginger scrub harnesses the stimulating properties of Chinese ginger whilst the green tea, an incredible antioxidant, was used to exfoliate and brighten my skin.

Among my favorites, the evocative nature of rose . The aroma known to  strengthen the heart spiritually and emotionally regenerated my skin whilst exfoliating it . Following the exfoliation to smooth and refine the skin, I received a citrus wrap is ideal for jet lag although I had none.

In the pool relaxing area , a young girl applied foot reflexology points massage that  encouraged the release and elimination of  all my unwanted toxins. The result has been a total renewal of mind and spirit. And then….every morning before breakfast those 25 meters laps exercise……I am in heaven and want to live here forever.

Joelle’s Tips

The hotel spa:  Aman at the Summer Palace 

25 Meters Lap Indulgence

25 Meters Lap Indulgence


25 Meters Lap Indulgence


25 Meters Lap Indulgence

25 Meters Lap Indulgence

25 Meters Lap Indulgence

25 Meters Lap Indulgence


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