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San Jose del Cabo | Spa & wellnessSeptember 22, 2010

Spiritual Chillan

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The Spa at Las Ventanas embraces a holistic approach, drawing upon the belief of the ancient healers of Baja California that emotion, spirit and physical well-being must be constantly balanced.

The healers were masters of the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, recognizing that each element evokes a specific power within oneself. The elements were the foundation of their holistic ceremonial rites and healing rituals.

At The Spa at Las Ventanas, the four elements are the foundation of their techniques, treatments and products.

I take a quick shower and with the thick cotton white robe I cross the sandy gardens adorned with  cacti plants and beautiful iron sculptures representing cacti as well. At the Zen-like spa  reception I am silently offered by a small smiley angel a fresh fruit juice with cucumber  and  a cold small cotton towel.

I enter an iron gate and I am immediately caught by the tranquil atmosphere under the dark blue sky and the gentle breeze inviting me to a nearby solarium with a few lounge chairs . Sun is setting and in it's almost twilight . I feel a strange vibe coming from the wind  I lay on a chair, making myself comfortable to welcome what is yet to come.

A small pond lays in the center of the floor. It is  filled with water and many interesting stones in all sizes.  A short young woman dressed in white appears  silently from nowhere  and after a small reverence, she looks up in the sky  and starts to play a wind song with an  Apache Indian flute.

An older woman also dressed in white, resonate with a wood hammer  beautiful harmonic tones, on several  crystal bowls in different shapes, materials and colors.  The ancient Mayan ritual slowly begins .

This energy cleansing ritual – known as a “Limpia” among the Maya – is performed with sage smoke and shaman prayers. Hopefully it will awaken my traumatized , polluted,  ill and fragmented soul with a totally  fresh new awareness.

The music of the crystal bowls  heightens my experience, encouraging thoughtful meditation that should empower my spirit. My limpia will be carried  out using traditional Curanderismo elements, including shaking raw fertile eggs (intact not broken!) and fresh rosemary over my body.

Curanderismo treats categories of physical, emotional, or soul dysfunction. Although defined in a traditional way that seems out of place compared to modern medicine, all can be interpreted in a broader healing perspective.

Physical categories include bilis (rage), with ailments aggravated by our frenetic fight-or-flight lifestyles; empacho (blockage), associated with digestive disorders, as well as emotional blocks; and mal aire (bad air), causing ailments in children such as earaches or chills.

Consistent with scientific studies that suggest that negative consciousness can adversely affect living systems, traditional emotional categories of cuaranderismo include envidia (envy); mal puesto (hex or curse), in which negative energy directed toward a person creates havoc or disharmony;

mal ojo (staring), in which children become ill because they can not handle excessive adult attention; and mala suerte (bad luck), in which adversity fuels a vicious-circle creation of bad luck.

Here she comes my curandera dressed in a white cotton cape. She waves an eagle feather through quick moves around certain of my body areas in an effort to push out the negative energies she perceives in my energy field .  That stagnant energy , released should  promote my good health and a positive mental attitude.

I am standing still  my eyes closed and arms wide open as instructed in Spanish. Continuously moving like in a trance, she whispers words very close to me , platicas (heart-to-heart talks).  In a subtle-energy healing, , with incense and aromatic waters , prayer and barridas (sweepings) , consecrated plants such as sage, rosemary and rue I realize I am  slowly entering  an altered state.

I am asked to lay down on the reclining chairs and relax while a fresh wet towel is gently placed on my eyes and a towel roll under my knees.  In a little while I will be taken to the another treatment room for the  sobadas (indigenous massage). A spiritual herbal baths may also be indicated but I am told by an angelic voice that I will depend on how I will feel.

I am now entering one of the beautiful room at the spa where I will be having a hot stone and  crystals massage to purify my spirit and soul. The same shaman that previously conducted the Limpia ceremony is now washing my feet on a colorful Mexican ceramic bowl while I look outside at the desert garden and bamb0u fence .

Since ancient times, Mayan shamans have believed that jade and quartz are sacred due to their metaphysical properties, purifying qualities, and energy benefits therapy . Certain herbs like Basil and Thyme combine the vigorous healing energy accumulated in hot stones, native salts,  clays and  massage therapy.

I am handed 4 different oils associated with the 4 nature elements. I pick The Earth Blend: It combines  herbs with mugwort, rosewood, frankincense and cedarwood oils. It is designed to ground , uplift the spirit, re- store life and energy flow, and enhance feelings of stability and security, peacefulness and contentment. Just what I need.

A meditation starts with a mantra, a female mantra.  The shaman sings  (ooooooooo), a prayer invoking angels and  spiritual guides to prepare my body to a total  state of relaxation an have good connection with the shaman's angels and spiritual guides .

Once this takes place, they will be able to work together and align all my Chakras with their own color and balance the energy . Her hands and minerals touch the depths of my core.  Chakra Crown  Color White (the Light) Chakra Brow (3rd Eye) Color Violet (Vision) Chakra Throat color Blue (Communication with all the chakras). I sense a few tears running down my cheeks. Strange past memories from a long time ago strike my eyes and leave one after the other instantly...

Chakra Heart color Green( Feelings) Chakra Solar Plexus Color Orange (cleaning of courage and suffering resentment.) Chakra Spleen  color Yellow (Cleans all the digestive organs)Chakra Root Color Red (Sexual and connection with the earth) I feel lifted.

At the the end of the meditation the shaman thanks the angels and spiritual guides in her prayer  for healing my body and reminding her the mission she has in life.

The massage  released my tension, anxiety, and the toxins those emotions create renewed the energy of my body and mind  increasing a holistic harmony within myself.

Once each stone is used, it is cleansed, purified, and placed on Maya sacred ground to renew its pure energy flow.

The shaman leaves me alone to slowly wake up and take a fresh shower or if I choose, a bath in the outdoor jacuzzi placed in the middle of the garden surrounding the treatment room.

I sit down on a wood chair, suddenly a bright light reflecting through the glass door of the shower reminds me I am awake and alive.

I had not noticed yet that a few birds were singing a song all along

My awareness is clear, my third eye sharp, my looks sharper.

I forgot....I must quickly get changed, there is a show down at the beach , some men will be playing with fire at night..I should not worry after all, my spirit revived joyful is coming to have fun with me.

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