Sunset High

by Joelle
Sunset High

 If you start wandering  In bars in Mykonos life can be as sweet as candies...

No matter the world destination, every time you go on a trip,  apart for where you are going to sleep or eat you want to also know what you are going to doing there .

In  the island of Mykkonos especially in the city of  Chora, the main attraction is to watch the sunset.

After a long day under the hot friendly sun, by the sea, even if you know that the next day there is going to be more ,every late afternoon, around 530 PM the custom is to make sure you wave goodbye to the sun as you would to a worshipped fiancee who has touched your skin all day and is leaving  abroad on the longest trip  over the horizon leaving you longing alone in the dark  for quite some time.

The best place to say goodbye to your warm fiancé is in is the most romantic place in the whole Mykonos, called Little Venice. This is what I have been doing every single day almost as a sacred ritual during my stay in the Island. Before 6 it’s important to stroll around the pick the perfect spot for your gaze. It is also crucial to wear something light, something white and be in a good mood. After all it is only a farewell and not an Adieu.

The neighborhood of Little Venice is replete with elegant and gorgeous old houses that are situated precariously on the edge of the sea. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this charming environment due  its magnetic appeal. It’s whitewashed edifices against the backdrop of the azure blue Aegean Sea is simply marvelous. The air of nonchalance that prevails in Little Venice disarms the most discerning of travelers.

The vintage fishermen’s houses provide a kaleidoscopic vignette and my camera is fully set . I heard from the locals that are many crazy international travelers who are even prepared to pay triple the amount, equivalent to a five star hotel rate just to stay in those charming fisherman’s hutments. It is a whole new world out there to be explored. check some of the pictures with the balconies on this post.

Also, if you explore the narrow alleys you will  discover  plenty of entertainment options ranging from pulsating discotheques to well-stocked bars where party animals are known to jive well past midnight. Art galleries too abound here and exhibitions of renowned artists are a regular feature. 

In the days of yore, many distinguished sailors had built their houses right on the picturesque shoreline. Many of these houses have today been converted into chic bars which are still very conspicuous by their old world charm.

The selection is exquisite if you have to sit down with your beloved or your friends to endless pegs of your favorite liqueur and watch the solitary shipping vessel cruise by at the distant horizon creating a surreal impression. 

My personal choice criteria  is as follows:  First, the Soundtrack , fundamental for this life experience as most bars in the Island are the ‘ perfect lounge spot’  for sunset gazing after the music, Second, the Drink , that is a must. Many bartenders are extremely creative and each and every drink is a true masterpiece, one that you will probably drink only in here.

I will not waist any more words to tell you how to enjoy this romantic dolcefarniente reverie. just watch the water, the hype crowd and the sun over the horizon …. then, just with that you can perfectly get high.


Joelle’s Tips:

I will mention  a few spots have liked to help you in case your stay in the island is short and their respective drink specialties recipes.

Semeli The Bar : perfect for a sunset reverie. With Built-in outdoor white sofas and easy listening music. The bar makes it’s own lounge mark. Ask for the Champagne Trilogy.

Galleraki: One of the first cocktail bars in the island. Continue to offer cinematographic view, popular fruity mix-the epic Katerinaki and many music surprises by the resident djs . Upstairs the privileged little balcony opens its gates.

Scapa: Beautiful flowers and a privilege position at the Alefkantra Bay. After nightfall it focuses on deep house sounds. The cocktail for sure you haven’t see so many fruits all together in a glass plus the rich fruit salads and the strawberry mojito are the grand success of Scarpa.

Cavo Paradiso: After 6 months of feverish preparations, the 10th best dance club of the world as voted in the DJ-Mag=it’s shivering profile was revealed. A new ceiling designed by architect Zannis , new lighting and sound position.There is something that kept unchanged in the absolute summer club,is the location that permits you to watch the sunrise by the edge of the well as the DJ lineups of international DJS like David Morales, Tiesto Erick Morillo, Satoshi Tomie, Roger Sanchez.

Caprice: One of the most famous bars , with snapped tables in front of the swell. Schedule here the following: Sunset on a daily ” screening” accompaigned with the necessary drink Fine music and clubbing until down.


Cocktails Recipes:

Go West from Cosi : 40 ml dry white wine, 30 ml Frangelico Liquor, 25 ml Limoncello, 15,ml fresh lime juice, 2oz Cinamon

Rose Martini  from Vodoo Celebrities: Martini, Rose Liquor

Champagne Trilogy from Semeli : 2 drops of Grenadine , 1 drop of Rum, Banana Juice, Fresh Orange Juice, Blue Curacao, Champagne

Oniro from Oniro the Bar: 4 strawberries, 1/2 oz lime, 10z  Gin, Rum, Wine, Kiwi. Lime , Sugar

Mani Loco from Galleraki: Frangelico, Amaretto, Fresh Lemon, Peanut ice cream

Traffic Thirteen fromThirteen: 50ml Vodka,  30 ml Frangelico, 15 ml Fresh Lime, 15ml Sugar Syrop, Favorite Exotic fruit.










































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