Greek Taste

by Joelle

My grandmother who was born in Turkey  was an amazing cook. Since  I was a few years old, I grew  with the taste of  the delicious Mediterranean dishes she prepared  when we lived in Italy. Olive oil, green and black olives, green vegetables , Aubergines, Courgettes,  grains and breads, yoghurt with cucumbers wine, fish  and grilled cheese were the main pillars of her delicious cuisine.

Goes without saying that my grandmother told everyone that  her specialties came from Turkey and we believed her, but much later all of us realized we would find our  childhood flavors in Greek restaurants all over  the world.

Greek cuisine  like Turkish, originated during the Byzantine empire, are well-known for their  Taverna-Style Mezés , a collective name for a variety of small dishes, typically served with wines or anise-flavored liqueurs as ouzo or homemade tsipouro.

Orektika is the formal name for appetizers and is often used as a reference to eating a first course of a cuisine other than Greek cuisine. Dips are served with bread loaf or pita bread. In some regions, dried bread (paximadhi) is softened in water. Greek desserts are characterized by the dominant use of nuts and honey. Some dishes use Filo pastry.My favorite of all!

Greek cuisine is very diverse and although there are many common characteristics amongst the culinary traditions of different regions within the country, there are also many differences, making it difficult to present a full list of representative dishes. Many food items are wrapped in Filo pastry, either in bite-size triangles or in large sheets: kotopita (chicken), spanakotyropita (spinach and cheese), chortopita (greens), kreatopita (meat pie, using minced meat), etc.

I have broadened the gastronomical map of Mykonos and checked out bar-retsaurants, taverns,and spots that will lead you to an orgasm of delight.


The romantic renovated restaurant of the Semeli Hotel respects its reputation as one of the best restaurants of the islandm its advantages are unobstructed views over Chora, the posh profile and the original dishes of Greek gourmet cuisine.The chef , Dimitri Makrimidimitris , has included to menu innovative recepis , and foreign vineyards.  Greek wines , terrifically combined with carried out with great creativity terrifically combined with Greek and foreign vineyards. Semeli Hotel Chora =30 22 890 27466-7


The favorite joint of the beach is ideal for loitering on people who wander around Gialos as well as on the deep blue sea. Like every all day bar. Rouvera is at your disposal from early in the morning . with breakfast, coffee beverages and light meals in a blue background.  Gialos + 30 22890 28858

To Ma’erio

A bookshop with a modern decoration.Housed in an Old Mykonian house which is simple, well-maintained and without unnecessary ornaments. It offers generous portions of traditional cuisine.  Kalogera street Chora +30 22890 288 25+30 22 890 28858


Cheerful. friendly, high spirited, just as its name implies, the known coastal cafe-restaurant constitutes a benchmark for Gialos. Br

ackfast, lunch and light snaks . Mediterranean dishes in the evening. Gialos +30 22890 25030


The a la carte V.I.P. restaurant with its unique impressive dome, a magnificent view of the Aegean offers exquisite Greek creations with international gastronomic tastes and an impeccable service.

A wide selection of Greek and international wines will contribute to your great dinning experience. Opening for Breakfast and Dinner and giving the option of an exterior veranda or an elegant interior, makes it an ideal choice for an ultimate breakfast or a gala dinner.

Petasos Beach Resort & Spa Platis Yialos

Nikos Taverna

This tavern is one of the most popular taverns at the port of Mykonos. Most times it is full of customers because it is the most suitable place to try the typical Greek cuisine. All dishes are delicious and the prices are very reasonable. Porta by the waterfront + 30 22890 28750


This restaurant can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding visitors. Customers are given a number of options on where to sit between a beautiful terrace, the street front or the restaurant’s interior. The level of service is excellent as is the food without being over priced.

Sale & Pepe

 Is the city’s authentic northern Italian gourmet restaurant. Operating since 19 years in Myconos Island and 17 years in Kolonaki, its owner Ivan Ottaviani, has uniquely combined Italian recipes with rare ingredients and popular wine happenings as the “SALE & PEPE BACCANALIAE”. The restaurant has one of the best wine lists in the world, as evidenced by over thirteen years of continuous award from the American magazine Wine Spectator in recognition BEST AWARD Of EXCELLENCE The menu changes according to the seasons and the wine list features over 1.500 wine labels to choose from. +306944376776 +302289024207


Tagoo Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurant in Mykonos Island. Our expert chefs draw their inspiration from traditional Greek cuisine, fusing other cultural influences to take diners on a culinary journey. We insist on nothing less than using the freshest and finest ingredients in order to ensure maximum sensory satisfaction.
With their superb service, excellent fare, remarkable wine list, al fresco dining, and beautiful vista there is no place you’d rather be, to catch the fiery Mykonos sunset or admire the gentle glimmer of distant villages. Strongly advised to book in advance,  your Tagoo Restaurant table  Coast Road, Mykonos 86400  +30 2289020100


Located at the old port, next to the archaelogical museum. Squalo  restaurant has a wonderful panoramic view to Mykonos town, old port, Delos island and to the marvellous sunset. Old Port, Mykonos Town, Mykonos 84600 +30 2289022955. Check the lounge music  

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