by Joelle

After a few days without moving from our wonderful resort, we asked the Mykkonos Blu concierge to organize for us a day trip on a nice beach.We were immediately offered Kalo Livadi.

With the map on my laps in the blue decapote Nissan Murano, we drive about 45 minutes South East in direction of the village Ano Mera. The  dry landscape is charming and here and then only small churches with colored roofs hidden into drier shrubs are our  only companions on the road to Livadi.   It’s very easy to  find a parking  as we arrive at destination. The day looks promising

Kalo Livadi beach is located at the South Side of Mykonos Island between the beaches Ella and Kalafatis. It has two entrances, one from the side of Ella and the other from Kalafati.

Apparently less crowded than others, but now more in fashion with Athenians jet setters, Kalo Livadi is one of the biggest beaches of Mykonos in length and width.

An umbrella with two large and extremely looking comfortable sun beds covered in green toile  mattresses and thick orange towels are waiting for us with a bucket of fresh water and beers on a  small table between them.

It’s a hot day. The sea looks inviting and the sun without pity. At the horizon coming to our direction an short Asiatic man and his wife  offer us a 60minutes reflexology  massage with tropical essential oil for just a few euros. We take the deal after a long swim in freezing sea water and a fresh shower.

Life is on a standby, all that matters at this moment is the sound of a hungry bird in the sky searching desperately for it’s pray and the noon breeze caressing the dense straw of our umbrella making a noise similar to a rainstorm . The experienced Vietnamese fingers manipulate with strong pressure and warm oil the meridians  points of  my vital organs on the sole my feet.

The 60 minutes  reflexology session s almost over. I am awaken by the smell of grilled bread coming from my back strategically  transported to my senses by the loud and heavy breeze. Solymar bar and lounge is right there  where a young and tanned DJ plays a 70th remake of barry White’s ”  Let the music play”

Located on the same pristine strip of golden sand, this beach club eatery is literally constructed on the sea within a thatch covered dining room with Tiki-style beach club of residential island revelers and those that can’t be bothered with the more touristy scenes closer to town.

Named after the Spanish words for sun and sea, a more tropical design aesthetic prevails within an open air dining room decorated in muted pastel wooden chairs, fluffy banquettes and colorful ceiling fans that spin a gentile breeze amongst lounge anthems and lively afternoon bar scene.

At the end of the restaurant we are shown a wide selection of fish to be picked for our lunch. The best is a local sea bass that we are advised to eat in a seasalt preparation. Zucchini flowers filled with feta cheese and mint, , Barbunias appetizers, fresh  Greek salad  and a delicious  baked Feta cheese enrolled in filo with sesame and honey.

Apparently the new owner , who has just greeted us with a large smile on his face,  has led the hot bar- beach lounge restaurant to a new era as well, happier than ever with a huge stock of positive energy and upgraded service, it responds perfectly to our desires.

The familiar Mexican style and the relaxing norms in the built-in sofas keep on whipping up the interest of the regulars just like the well-made recipes of mediterranean orientation by the chef Georgos Kohronas himself ( See him in the pictures below) .Among the best sellers of the menu, are included the vivid lobsters, meat roasted with great mastery in grill and the fresh fish.

All sealed with a delicious digestif Glikis.

We are high and drunk by the masterful combination of wind, massage, food and sun. : Time to go back to Mykkonos Blu. Where’s my Nissan , back on the road I feel like james Dean dunno why.


Joele’s Tips:

The Restaurant:

Solymar Kalo Livadi Beach: + 30. 22.890. 71745. www.





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