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Shanghai | Spa & wellnessJanuary 23, 2012

Water’s Edge

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 '' Water is the symbol of pure consciousness. 

Water is the gentle way. The path of least resistance.

When it reaches a blockage, water find the easiest path around the blockage or it continues to assemble, and flows over the blockage.

Water uses itself to go beyond whatever it needs to go beyond"

Lao Tzu

In Chinese tradition, the place of honor is always at the water's edge. Inspired by the wisdom of Chinese practices for health and well-being, water's edge at Park Hyatt Shanghai honors life in harmony with the quite strength and fluid nature of water.

I am in China for the last 5 days but I feel completely broken due to the pitiless 12 hours  jet lag. On the desk  in my suite I see a beautiful brochure  inviting me to visit the spa at the 85th floor . I quickly put my bathing suit and head up in the spacious super speed elevator.

The door opens to a high ceiling white and taupe corridor with very dim light but I can hear from afar the relaxing noise of water running. I  love it!

Crossing the narrow corridor I arrive in a spacious relaxation zone featuring the most stunning 20-meters infinity pool, a Wellness Studio with two treatment rooms and a ultra equipped last generation gym. Behind me a tai-chi courtyard where I learn that I will be able to practice at 6 AM tomorrow and every morning at the same time if I wish to.

While drinking an infused Mineral water  I enquire about the different treatments and  complaint about my irritable condition. I am suggested to experience by a young woman in a suit a Tui Na massage. Literally translated as 'press and rub ' . Apparently  Tui Na uses deep digital stimulation on vital points along the meridian to stimulate Qi and relieve pain and fatigue. This rejuvenating therapy will be used to treat any cold and my headache, relieve insomnia or intestinal upsets , and remedy the  low back pain that has been bothering me the last few days, my stiff neck, and possibly  hormonal imbalances. ' Please fix me"  I ask.

Once all set with my appointment , It's time to enjoy the water. I swim in the perfect temperature pool and the sky at my left hand side is the limit! Like in a house on my left several ornamental terra-cotta vases placed  on Chinese wooden  identical armoires . The symmetry and rhythm of the designed space is perfectly aligned with the movement of my arm stokes in the pool water.

It feels like being in a home spacious entrance hall adorned with art objects and sculptures where I happen to find water and enjoy  a long peaceful swim at it's edge. Truly maddening!

The hot and cold bubbling jacuzzis are inviting as well. I will deep for a few minutes to detox and stimulate my blood circulation and will head to the locker rooms.

The views are breathtaking. It's a raining outside and the pollution gives a grey aspect to the small , minute houses complex at my feet. Indoor I am surrounded with Ming Style wooden chairs and ranunculus flowers bouquets in black lacquered vases, fresh linen towels for the face and couple of large towels piled up in rolls next to every individual vanity. Goes without saying that bottles of water are everywhere.

In the steaming room,  I hardly believe what I see. The most beautiful I have ever seen, showcases an  open view of the sky through a thick transparent glass wall. Vapor indoor, dizzying water  outside the best is still yet to come. Yes my friends and that is the shower!

Super large Japanese rain shower. I try to reproduce the sensation through the lens of my camera vain.

Ready to my Tui Na I head to the rocking chairs courtyard. My therapist Wendy confides me that it 's all in the rocking chair, the flow, the meditation, the Chinese tea she is serving in a tiny ceramic cup without any handle.

Through a long , very long corridor filled with several libraries of art books, I  am taken by two your girls silently to my treatment room overlooking the city at night.

From this moment on I forgot my name. I am floating weightless under the experienced 8 hands of  my female therapists searching every single meridian spot they can find.

I am like water.

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