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New York | PhotographySeptember 16, 2011

Street People

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Every Sunday, between 3 and 6 Pm I enjoy stolling around  the downtown streets of Manhattan. Soho, Nolita, and Broadway.  It is quite a show of diversity and  nonchalant celebrations. You hear all language except English . Rappers, Korean vendors and avid shoppers take the scene.  I love the vibe, and most of people are friendly when  they see me with a camera.

Maybe they think I am working for the Sartorialist, or for a new hipster fashion blog, maybe they just like to connect because it's Sunday or because New York can be very lonesome or too contagiously overwhelming. Do I mind?  After all these are my people. s The ones that every Sunday evening I take with me home captured trough the lens of a camera and stored directly into my computer.

Every Sunday eve, while I watch the new ABC TV series ' Once Upon a Time' those who unconsciously attracted my attention and colored my day, are observed with attention, and immortalized on my library until will need them back in one of my new magazine articles.

This time, I have decided to revive some in this article . Others will come later not as a replacement but as members of a new collection. These are my street people. Yo! Shalom and Sarava!

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