Mykonian Lansdcape

by Joelle
Greek Lansdcape

At the heart of Cyclades, with a culture and a civilization going back thousand of years, Mykonos invites you to discover all the beauty of it’s landscape. It is an island almost totally lacking in vegetation and is famous for its beautiful beaches, its natural beauty, buzzing nightlife and the extremely interesting archaeological site of the island of Delos.

After a long day in on the beach it’s nice to  take a car, convertible if possible, and explore the island surroundings before and better just after sunset when it’s not too hot.

In the car next wearing Ray bans,  short jeans ,  and my camera I enjoy being driven by the breeze admiring the dry landscape surrounded by cliffs, earthy roads , stunning views of the sea and the  superb island of Delos in front of me. Small hotels , restaurants, and bars are part of the scenery .  I stop the car where a little  three stars hotel boutique hotel lies on top of a cliff just behind a white monastery perfect for wedding ceremonies and romantic entertainment with God. It’s peaceful here and the  perfect spot for a some meditation. The rest before I go back to the noisy city of Chora for dinner, I leave for your appreciation with a  small journey of imageries of which some I borrowed from an Italian Illustrator, Monica Indelicato.









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