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All roads lead to.. Matogianni . Fairly it enjoyes the reputation and grace of the most cosmopolitan back alleys of Chora.

At the narrow pedestrian street that begins from Gialos and ends to Kaisaris ” triangle” are gathered many bars, Art galleries high class boutiques, jewelry shops, and brand name stores with are always packed with high demanding shoppers.Also here is the meeting point for the first, second and so on drink.

If you are addicted to shopping as I am , guard like the apple of your eye the list I have prepared  for you with the top addresses for smart buy on Mantogianni and around.

Joelle’s Tips:



Ilias Lalaounis , a trusted and respected name in classic Greek jewelry, associated with the famous LALAoUNIS museum and shops in Athens. It has superb reproductions of ancient and Byzantine jewelry as well as original designs. Having outlets throughout the isles, in Athens, as well as in many cities around the world. Today, the shop is run by Maria, a fifth generation jeweler whose father, Lalaounis , was an ace jeweler who had mastered the ancient techniques for working with 18 and 22 karat gold. His original collection based upon ancient Greek artifacts, soon became world-famous for its quality and distinct style, and in 1993, he opened the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum in Athens, Greece, which hosts a magnificent collection of over 3000 pieces of jewelry designed by him.14 Polykandrioti (tel. 22890/22-444),


Kombologadiko:  The owner began  1999, when his love for the komboloy, led him to create the Kombologadiko shop, combining the past with the present.  In his shop, you can see  a great variety and rare examples from of komboloys exquisitely assembled in his workshops all over Greece.  His vast collection of  beads  from all over the world will satisfy your taste .Fom traditional solid amber ones, to rare faturan or brand new great colored ones. These ancient beads resemble prayer beads, but actually bear no religious significance at all. They are merely an instrument of relaxation and stress management. Sometimes komboloi are also used by people who want to limit smoking. This last one seems kinda doubtful to me because it seems everyone here wants to die of lung cancer, this country is filled with chain smokers: a cigarette in one hand and a set of beads in the other!  19,M.Andronikou street Matogianni 84600 Tel 30 22 890 27725 /

Bag : This interesting shop belongs to a lady who has an incredible taste. She  manufactures bags and purses with material from all over the world. Mostly Bali, indonesia, italy and Greec.e. Along with some hats you can end very pretty beach pareos in batik and colored block prints from India.  her sister has a similar boutique in Soho new York. Mitropeleos 8 Mykonos Greece, 84600 Tel +30 22 890 27 669.

Precise Optics: Ultra modern environment where the 140 years store and  futuristic corian surfaces embrace the most fashionable optical of the town. Outstanding brands like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Valentino, Paul Smith, Roberto Cavalli, Armani, Tom Ford, D Squared that adress to customer of fine taste.

Mykonos at Estie Of Myknos she has only the name and the flair of the island craftsmanship. Hong Kong based designer creates exquisite romantic bridal  accessories that you can shop on line:etsy « MYKONOS SHOP


 The White  Shop Mykonos : Everything in this shop is white  since 1963. The old lady in the picture,  is the owner and personally hand makes most of it. All the rest is handmade in Greece. Sweaters, knits, dresses, lines, croche tableclothes, hats, napkins, placemats. Anna Keaoy the 26825


If you are interested for something more local and traditional in Zouganeli Street you can buy local sweets and cakes made of almonds, the famous “Amygdalota“, from Efthymiou sweet shop. Another unique shop of beauty products all made from Greek olive oil, The Olive Oil Shop, located also in the same street further towards to the town. Some of the local products of Mykonos like the delicious cheese “kopanisti” you can find at the traditional grocers shop “Lykos” (the wolf) in Matogianni Street. In the Grill Tavern Spilia next to the primary school at Enoplon Dynameon Street you can buy local cheese and sausages from the tavern owner’s production.


Soho-Soho, 81 Matoyanni (tel. 22890/26-760), is by far the most well known clothing store on the island; pictures of its famous clientele (Tom Hanks, Sarah Jessica Parker, and so forth) carrying the store’s bags have been in gossip publications around the world. Maria will help the female clientele find the perfect outfit while just across the street, at the men’s store, Bill will recommend the latest men’s arrivals.

Luxury fashion boutique Scoop NYC (tel. 22890/25-122; opened its first European location in the Belvedere Hotel. Its exquisite jewelry line by native Mykonian designer Ileana Makri sets this store apart from its New York counterpart .

Yiannis Galantis (tel. 22890/22-255), which sells clothing designed by the owner.

If you can’t afford LALAoUNIS, you might check out one of the island’s oldest jewelry shops, the Gold Store, right on the waterfront (tel. 22890/22-397).

Delos Dolphins, Matoyanni at Enoplon Dimameon (tel. 22890/22-765), specializes in copies of museum pieces;

Vildiridis, 12 Matoyianni (tel. 22890/23-245), also has jewelry based on ancient designs.

Also be sure to check out Karkalis, 17 Matoyanni (tel. 22890/24-022;, the newest arrival to hit the town with striking original and contemporary designs.

Mykonos is also well known for its house-designed sandals in many colors and styles; perhaps no better selection can be found in the entire island than at Eccentric by Design, 11 Fiorou Zouganelis St. (tel. 22890/28-499), where you can even find sandals encrusted with Swarvoski crystals. For more traditional sandals, check out Kostas Rabias on Matoyianni Street, (tel. 22890/22-010).


Mykonos has lots of art galleries, including some based in Athens that move here for the summer season. Scala Gallery, 48 Matoyianni (tel. 22890/23-407; fax 22890/26-993;, is one of the best galleries in town. All the artists represented are from Greece, many of them quite well known. There is a selection of jewelry, plus an interesting collection of recent works by Yorgos Kypris, an Athenian sculptor and ceramic artist. Nearby on Panahrandou is Scala II Gallery (tel. 22890/26-993), where the overflow from the Scala Gallery is sold at reduced prices. In addition, manager Dimitris Roussounelos (tel./fax 22890/26-993; of Scala Gallery manages a number of studios and apartments in Hora, so you might find lodgings as well as art at Scala!

There was a time when Mykonos was world famous for its vegetable-dyed hand-loomed weavings, especially those of the legendary Kuria Vienoula. Today, Nikoletta (tel. 22890/27-503) is one of the few shops where you can still see the island’s traditional loomed goods. Eleni Kontiza’s tiny shop Hand Made (tel. 22890/27-512), on a lane between Plateia Tria Pigadia and Plateia Laka, has a good selection of hand-woven scarves, rugs, and tablecloths from around Greece.

The best bookstore on Mykonos is To Vivlio (tel. 22890/27-737), on Zouganeli, one street over from Matoyianni. It carries a good selection of books in English, including many works of Greek writers in translation, plus some art and architecture books and a few travel guides.

Parthensis:  This Greek brand’s loose jersey garments that  allow the body to move freely,and accommodate a wide variety of sizes, therefore a one-size concept.  Each item will include sizing instructions to help the you select accordingto your measurements by giving you not only the measurements of the garment,but also the range of sizes it can accommodate.  You may wear these pieces in the way that best suits you;however, we recommend that you allow for a loose look, in tune with the brand’s philosophy.  Interesting  architectural space.Alefkandra


Most of the bars and clubs are in Mykonos Chora. They are quite stylish and the prices can sometimes be outrageous. There are also beach parties going on all through the summer so keep a lookout for advertising posters. For the Greek Music fans (Ellinadika) among the most popular is the Thalami next to the town hall and the Mykonos Bar. The Giuzel 9 Muses at the east side of Akti Kambani and the Argo bar at the square of Manto. At the Three Wells you will find the famous Aegli one of the hot spots of Mykonos nightlife and on the other side of the road the Asteria bar and the Coo restaurant bar. . The well- known gay bar of Pierro’s start its wild parties after midnight, behind the square of Agia Kyriaki, while Remezzo with its new name El Pecado Remezzo still has its top spot in Mykonos nightlife, just under Remezzo, the bar restaurant Kavos stays open 24 hours, so there is no problem if you want to eat something after the night clubbing. The night party can go on until the morning and be continued in the famous beach bars of Mykonos like Cavo Paradiso and Tropicana in Paradise beach, Super Paradise bar, in Super Paradise beach, Sol Y Mar in Kalo livadi,and Elia bar in Elia beach.

Credits: Frommer’s guides

Photo of Bougainvilaae Flickr: Zopidis Lefteris’ Photostream

















































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