Creel and Gow Cabinet de Curiosites

by Joelle

This week I discovered a beautiful boutique named Creel and Gow. I went in with just my I-phone and registered with my instagram several interesting corners. The response has been so quick that I have decided to post these high resolution images, a few selected pieces and let you know a little more about the company.

Creel and Gow  incorporates and adds to the collection of Ruzzetti and Gow  an extensive range of fascinating and exquisite objects sourced from all around the world by Paris based Jamie Creel and former Sotheby’s expert Christopher Gow, both avid collectors.

It is the perfect resource to embellish one’s life with originality or find that unique gift for discerning individuals. Rare minerals, taxidermy, coral, silver shells, unusual decorative objects and exotic accessories fill this veritable cabinet of curiosities.

The boutique is located in the former stables of a historic, Grovenor Atterbury’s townhouse, on the North West corner of Lexington Avenue and East 70th Street in Manhattan’s upper east side in New York. The inventory of this Cabinet de Curiosites, Wunderkammer or Kunstkammer is also available to purchase online and by mail order.If you happen to be in town check it out it is really worth the ride.

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