My Sanctuary Views

by Joelle

Hector Alfaro, the front desk manager at the Sanctuary resort  in Cap Cana, promises that I will get each of the suites and villas I have reserved on due time.

The impressive Hacienda Style resort entrance is fresh and welcoming. We are offered by Joana 2 Sanctua-Ritas,( receipe found on Joellestagram)  and cool towels while the bell captain loads our three suitcases on a trolley. We walk across five large  and different swimming pools – one  of them filled with saltwater – and a full-service Spa.

ArrivIng to our first Beach Front Premium Suite — (754 sq. ft). we instantly understand why sanctuary is part of its name.  The ingredients for serenity unfold marble baths, fine linens and silk bathrobes and slippers. The suite is right on the resort’s spectacular beach and add in refreshing tropical ocean air, and that’s where the charm begins. At night you can sleep with the ocean waves lullaby. Meditation, yoga on the grass, grouper burgers and Coco Loucos were served  as we asked. Il Dolce- Far- Niente  was filmed on joellestragram on a video that features the blue sky and the sound of palm trees dancing leaves.

On  our the thrid day we chose to enjoy the Monarch Ocean Front Villa –( 1,050 sq. ft.)
Strategically bordering the sea, this sumptuous living quarter feature a grand terrace and open-air spaces where the Caribbean’s temperate breezes beckon. The great thing was to ump right into the warm ocean from our terrace . In the evening we would enjoy dinner at the dining table al fresco overlooking the stars.

On the last three nights we moved to a Royalty Villa — (3,100 sq. ft.)

Designed  for guests in search of a large living space with contemporary touches will find these posh stone villas an ideal spot for privacy, superior guest service and relaxation. We had the privilege to witness from heights  a coming storm that showcased in a few minutes a wide  spectrum  of vibrant colors overlooking the sea and a spectacular view of the whole resort. We jumped into the the large infinity pool watching speechless the fantastic spectacle of Caribbean nature , as it was offered just for us.

I have managed to capture a few images that I hope will give you just a small notion of the emotion we experienced at the Sanctuary villas  this week. The next step, if you can, I strongly recommend to try it yourself!


Joelle’s Picks:

Sanctuary Cap Cana – Suites


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