Noma Restaurant Best in the World Apologizes

by Joelle

Although Noma Restaurant  has not yet  been awarded with a third Michelin Star, it  was declared Best Restaurant in the World for the third consecutive year at the prestigious S. Pellegrino Awards last April 2012 at The Guild Hall, London.

Inaugurated in 2002,  the annual San Pellegrino Awards recognise the world’s top 100.  The list is now universally acknowledged as one of the most influential in the world of serious gastronomy.

Under the inspired stewardship of Rene Redzepi, Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen, with its unique take on Nordic cuisine, now enjoys an international reputation and following.

Dining here is a holistic experience – the extraordinary artistry of the presentation, the culinary genius demonstrated in the unique combinations and the wonderfully authentic atmosphere, collaborate to create a totally indulgent and memorable occasion.  There is a palpable vibe, an excitement, at Noma. The tangible sense of theatre is not of the pretentious kind – all present are totally engaged in the production, presentation and enjoyment of the “New Nordic Cuisine”.  Testament to this is therecommendation to book up to 3 months in advance, such is its popularity.

Redzepi himself is quietly charming and modest, but at all times, completely the driver.  Since receiving his first gong from Pellegrino he has been catapulted into the limelight.  As well as becoming a household name, the 34 year old faces the challenge of maintaining Noma’s enviable position centre-stage.  His philosophy, originality and inclusive creativity guarantee that he and Noma will retain a prominent position amongst the world’s finest restaurants for the foreseeable future.

Noma is a “Bucket List” experience which I am privileged to say I have ticked off!  We were a party of eight on that occasion and as such, able to indulge in a comprehensive sampling of the menu.  We were all seriously impressed and, as I recall, the food totally dominated our conversation!!  From a personal perspective – I enjoyed the setting as much as I appreciated the gastronomic delights.

Recently, unfortunately  the Copenhagen-based restaurant , the top restaurant sickens 63 diners and may have spread the sickness and diarrhea via an infected member of their kitchen staff, according to a Mar. 8, 2013 report by Yahoo! News, leading to an apology .

When a top restaurant sickens 63, or any number of diners, there is likely to be backlash, so Noma’s apology was only the first step in damage control if the establishment wants to keep its high-end clientele after the norovirus incident.

Noma managing director Peter Kreiner spoke with Reuters after the top restaurant sickened 63 of its valued guests. He offered an apology, explained the actions Noma has taken in cooperating with health inspectors to discover the source of the illness and stressed that the establishment was never in peril of being closed.

Kreiner said, “We are extremely sorry about all of this and I have personally been in dialogue with all the guests who were affected and discussed compensation.”

Honestly , this can happen and happens everywhere  but it’s a lesson that teaches establishments that they can be the best in the world but hygene is highly necessary.

Footnote:  Rene Redzepi was recently named as one of Time Magazine’s Footnote:  Rene Redzepi was recently named as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People!

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