Prince Saudi Palace by Star Christopher Hall

by Joelle


Saudi Prince’s Palace … The star designer Christopher Hall has long risen on the eastern horizon. His portfolio includes the most luxurious (and in the sense of the beautiful, and expensive, and large-scale) projects in the world. For example, a grandson of the King of Saudi Arabia – Prince Faisal bin Sattama. Already decorated the hall for the Prince’s Palace tent in Riyadh.

Designer Christopher Hall, built for the Saudi Prince Faisal bin Sattama tent that looks exotic and European standards, and to the east. On to what luxuries are gained Arab sheikhs and princes, known even by those who have never been in the East. More surprising looks marquee that decorator Christopher Hall, built for Riyadh. on the palace in Riyadh, – nothing to do with conventional notions of Eastern luxury. ( LOVEISSPEED)

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