La Luge By YH2 Architects

by Joelle

Mostly dedicated to the enjoyment of Quebec’s winter, La Luge is a secondary home lying in the midst of the forest.

Nestled on its site, surrounded by dense vegetation preserving the house’s privacy, La Luge integrates a private spa which occupies almost a third of the useable area, adding on to the traditional countryside living spaces.

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Oscar Niemeyer, the last lion of architectural modernism and the most renowned cultural figure in Brazil, died Wednesday at age 104. Here, in a review essay originally published in The Atlantic magazine in 2008, literary and national editor Benjamin Schwarz appraises Niemeyer’s life and work, focusing on the architect’s most colossal, enduring, and controversial work — the city of Brasilia.

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Most commonly known as the Reggia di Caserta, this Unesco-listed pad is considered one of the greatest and last-achievements of Italian Baroque architecture. It also where Tom Cruise shot scenes for Mission Impossible 3 and where George Lucas filmed the interior shots of Queen Amidala’s royal residence in Star Wars Episode 1.

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It’s only after you search within yourself and your traveling that you can find, if it’s what you need to find, the true place of your origin. When you arrive in a site and feel a strong sense of affinity with the air, the climate, the music, the way people walk in the street, you can be sure it’s probably where “home” is.

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