Bulgari Hotel

by Joelle

Are you looking to rest on a new kind of beautiful British luxury after  theLondon Fashion Show? Look no further: you’ve arrived at Bulgari Hotel & Residences London.

It’s no secret that where luxury brands are concerned, Bulgari is a tough one to beat. So, it goes without saying that lovers of luxury – as well as lovers of spending time in London – must make it a priority to sample the city’s newest luxury hotel. In fact, Bulgari Hotel & Residences London is the first new luxury hotel to be built in the British capital in 40 years. Intrigued? So am I and my partners at  the Kiwi Collection.85 spacious, elegant rooms, and luxurious suites are furnished with impossibly perfect materials and a contemporary design that exudes warmth and luxury. The dominance of silver throughout the hotel was designed as a nod to Bulgari’s silversmith origins and Britain’s noble manufacturing traditions, a touch that evokes a mysterious grandeur throughout the halls.Guests can head to Il Ristorante and Il Bar for refreshment; or simply for a chance to be part of the hotel’s impressive social life… and then The Bulgari Spa beckons.
Give it just a try!
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