Heritage Champagne Brunch

by Joelle

Situated in the colonial white-stucco building that was formerly the Marine Headquarters on Canton Road, Hullet House comprises and intimate densign-led heritage hotel with five restaurants and bars, and the most charming  hotel.

Managed by the Aqua restaurant group , Hullet House is inspired by Hong Kong’s rich and varied history over the last 150 years, with a unique blend of Chinese and British influences and mix of old and new giving guests the ‘Old Hong Kong” feel.

And it’s with this intention that today I have decided to go for the Heritage champagne brunch and after walk around the surrounding super modern shopping malls with the latest of what international  luxury brands offer.

The old -fashioned , personal service is a must-experience. The rooms one-of-a-kind rooms at the upper floor and  and living rooms, are all individually designed and pure charm. The house is surrounded by colonial style verandas, private balconies vintage looking black lacquered Chinese wicker chairs and a central garden and  courtyard below as if you were sheltered in an island back in time from the  aggressive contemporaneity   of the city ‘s architectural energy.

Every room in the house has been designed to reflect a period of   Hong Kong design history. The Tsing Lung suite,modelled after Imperial China, with hand drwan laquered muralas and four posters pagoda bed or the O suite, a reflection of old Shanghai, with it’s Art Deco style that is reminiscent of the old swinging Jazz bands scandalous dancing and short dresses.

I am enjoying this visit immensely and I am shooting every corner enthusiastically while the head manager recounts interesting stories walking by my side and  inviting to experience a colonial ”  Heritage Brunch ”  at the  terrace of the sophisticated Parlour.  Divided in three  rooms with hand pained murals and a dramatic bar featuring the Dragon of Kowloon , conjure up bygone images of the old city and it’s roots as a colonial outpost of late 19 th century England.

Modern interpretations of hard to find Hong Kong Old dishes, together with French croissants, all sorts of pastries,eggs any style, dim Sum, Veuve Clicquot, I am in heaven surrounded by bespoke wrought-iron Chinoiserie tasseled lanterns and elegant colonnades making my al fresco brunch experience in Hong Kong a memorable one.






























































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