The Yauatcha Experience

by Joelle

If you happen to be in London Soho, you must absolutely not miss Yauatcha.

Yauatcha is a casual-dining dim sum tea-house offering an all day grazing experience.  Launched in 2004, Yauatcha gained immediate critical acclaim and received its Michelin star within a year of opening which it continues to maintain.


The renowned menu offers a wide selection of modern dim sum along with complementary dishes including stir-fry noodles and Chinese greens.  Based on the ten traditional dim sum dishes known to be the ‘generic definition’ of the cuisine, Yauatcha provides a unique dining experience, offering authentic dim sum with a contemporary influence.


Equally renowned for its tea variations as it is for its dim sum, Yauatcha features over 60 different types of teas on its menu.  Green, White, Ceylon and speciality teas including Osmanthus Oolong and Silver Needle are available to purchase at the shop front as well as enjoy over a meal.  Along with the comprehensive tea selection, Yauatcha also offers mouth-watering macaroons and indulgent chocolates in its patisserie at the front of the restaurant that can be gift-wrapped and taken away for the perfect present or at-home treat.


Yauatcha’s aesthetics and spatial arrangement fuse the traditional elements of a tea-house with the modern grazing experience.  The unique design, by Christian Liagre offers full view of the kitchen even allowing passers by to witness the preparation of the expertly made dishes.  Spread over two floors, the 160 cover restaurant offers a light environment on the ground floor, emulating the vibrant ‘chatter shop’ atmosphere of a traditional dim sum eatery in Hong Kong.  Its subterranean level offers deep booths and low lighting, providing a captivating dining space for evening.


Yauatcha offers spacious and relaxed dining.  Combining the highest quality cuisine with cutting edge interior design, Yauatcha consistently remains a popular destination for both London’s residents and visitors.  By the way, their exotic Macaroons are among the best I have ever tried, their exotic combinations like  Toasted coconut, Cassis Violet, Spiced Oranges, Pistachio lime, Matcha Green Tea, Yuzu, Jasmine, Lavander Honey,Tanka Lemongrass, Mint,Salted caramel, Rum and Raisin Mandarin to name a few, are top.


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15-17 Broadwick Street,

London, W1F 0DL

020 7494 8888






















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