W.E the Masterpiece

by Joelle



Last night in the midst  of a new snow storm post Sandy’s , I watched at last W.E. on my smart 32 inches TV.

It was one o the most beautiful experiences in my life. As soon as I woke up this morning I researched in the internet every single material I could grab about this wonderful movie , produced and directed by Madonna at the beginning of this year.

I have found more than 150 images that unfortunately i could not post at once on this article, and it took me more than one hour to select each and everyone. All said something important about the so called  romance of the century.

I inserted the original images close the the movie ones, and you can see for yourself, and although the actors are stunning in their performances, the production is brilliant, still…that look, energy, expression, love of Wallace and Edward cannot be hidden in thousands of miles. True soul-mates , lovers , companions and good friends.Humble, proud, simple and grand, they had it all. The lifestyle, the wisdom, the charisma and the character.

I cannot add much more as you will be better off sitting down comfortably , taking your time  and listen to it’s making of in the front page of joelleMagazine. Have fun and then find your way to watch W.E

Joelle ‘s Picks:

“W.E.” – Official Trailer – YouTube

Madonna – Masterpiece (Music Video). – YouTube










































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